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Abram McDaniel

Abram McDaniel



  • Photoshop 95%
  • After Effects 99%
  • VFX 80%
  • 3D 95%
  • Illustrator 95%
  • WordPress 80%

Hello, My name is Abram McDaniel. I live in Atlanta Georgia  Here are a few facts about me:

  • Extremely busy being a dad and its amazing!
  • Self proclaimed movie buff
  • Lover of Classical, Deep Soulful House, Neosoul, and “old-school” Gospel music. The less mainstream the better.
  • A drummer since the mid 80’s.  Now practicing the bass on and off.
  • Love to eat, so I love to cook as well.  (I could really go for some Hot Wings right about now, yum.)
  • Inspired by everything around me.

Hey! My resumé is Here   Listed on in Motion Graphics – Digital & Visual Effects in Georgia

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