I’m Abram McDaniel

A Freelance Motion Graphics Designer

About Me

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had an affinity for animation. Sure I was like every other kid, indulging in every afternoon weekday cartoon, and of course, Saturday Morning Cartoons. But, I remember going into the local Radio Shack stores with my dad and watching The Mind’s Eye on the TVs and VHS players on display. I think it was then that I had a desire to pursue an interest in 3D animation and the whole world of design. That was in the early 90’s. Since then I’ve immersed myself into video games, collecting comic books, and learning how to be a better traditional artist.

That love and interest has lead me on a journey to becoming a Motion Graphics Designer. It was my tenure at the Art Institute of Atlanta and beyond that I’ve learned the technical aspects of art and design. Today, I enjoy making a living contracting as a motion designer, being a family man, and a lover of sci-fi movies, and great design. If you have a project in mind, lets connect and see how to bring it to life.



Video Editing

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